Local Jams & Events Support (Beta 2.0)

Last modified on 12th, Apr, 2024

At Alaudark, we are more than just a brand and more than just about selling products. As staunch believers in the freestyle MTB community, we are committed to supporting, nurturing, and expanding the community by introducing this passionate, challenging, educational, and team-oriented sport to more people. Even small efforts can impact a person’s life significantly, and we consistently strive to be as a creator and caregiver.

Local community jams are a fundamental aspect of the MTB community ecosystem. Building on our established global network of athlete sponsorships, we are now empowering athletes within our sponsorship program with more benefits through this athlete-centered local event sponsorship initiative.

1. Eligibility Criteria:

  • The local jam or event must be held at a location where the sponsored athlete regularly trains;
  • This privilege is currently open only to athletes who are in Phase 2 of our sponsorship program;
  • The jam can be organized personally by the athlete or with the athlete playing a major role in the organization.

2. Sponsorship Application Process:

  • Applications must be initiated personally by the sponsored athlete via email to athletes@alaudark.com;
  • Applications must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the event date;
  • The email must detail the event's information: title, location, activities, awards, etc.
  • The brand’s name, logo, or emblem must be featured on flyers and other promotional materials issued by the event organizers. It would be beneficial for the brand displays at the event banners to be provided or created by the brand itself or in collaboration with the organizers.

3. Sponsorship Details:

  • Alaudark will provide free products or memorabilia (hats, T-shirts, stickers, trophies) as prizes;
  • Depending on the scale and type of the event, the brand will assess the type and quantity of sponsorship products;
  • Depending on the scale and type of the event, the brand will evaluate the necessity of entering into a written agreement with the organizer;
  • Alaudark's sponsorship does not involve any financial cash support.

4. Post-Event Requirements:

  • Within 30 days after the event, the organizers must provide a YouTube format video capturing the key moments of the event and the awarding of prizes (showing the sponsored products);
  • Within 30 days after the event, the athlete must email details including the event organizer, cameraman, and winner list;
  • The organizers agree to allow the brand to post the event video on its official YouTube channel as a co-branded project for promotional purposes.

4. Modifications and Termination:

  • Alaudark reserves the right to modify the terms of this sponsorship program or terminate it at any time. Any changes or termination will be communicated to involved parties in advance.


Email: athletes@alaudark.com

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