Parks & Events (Beta 1.0)

Join hands with us!

Alaudark is ready to work with bike parks and event organizations. Together, we can transform our shared passion into an enriching experience for all MTB lovers. Don’t miss this chance to be at the forefront of building a thriving biking community.


As a bike park owner or event organizer, you are supposed to satisfy the given conditions:  

To establish a partnership with Alaudark,

  • The first order must bevalued at more than $2000 and then we offer a once-off discount of 40% off. In return, you are requested to prominently display Alaudark’s banner in your bike park and event venue for at least 6 The design of the banner should be discussed with and confirmed by Alaudark, the costs of which are borne by your organization.
  • Purchased products must be used as awards or for test trial in MTB races.
  • VAT number is needed.

To become Alaudark’s dealer, go to BECOME A DEALER.


  • Currently, with bike parks and event organizations, only above-mentioned partnerships are supported.Reach us at

Recommendation of talented athletes is welcomed. For details, go to GET SPONSORED.