(Last revision date 14/02/2024)

We, ALAUDARK [ə’laʊdɑ:k], are committed to becoming a renowned brand in the freestyle mountain bike domain. We present the LARK DJ sponsorship program for dirt jump athletes, offering every young individual the opportunity to be seen by the entire world.


Who is eligible for sponsorship?

  1. Aged between 15-20 years, either boy or girl, residing in countries where our coverage is available.

  2. There are no language restrictions for social media page content, but the individual must possess basic English communication skills.

  3. The Instagram account must be personally managed by the applicant, with sufficient posts to prove they are a DJ (dirt jump) rider.

  4. The candidate expected to be enthusiastic, proactive, willing to share and communicate, and someone who values commitment.

  5. Live in the area where there is no current athletes being sponsored.

How to apply, and the steps?

  1. Submit the online sponsorship application form via the Alaudark's website, providing as detailed information as possible for evaluation. Over at least the next 30 days, prove your skills and engagement by tagging @alaudark on Instagram in your stories, reels or posts.

  2. Participate in an interview through Instagram Messenger to understand the steps and standards for taking photos and posting collaboration posts.

  3. Complete the signing of the sponsorship contract PDF via email and receive the product packages from Alaudark.

  4. Start posting several reels or stories of the unboxing and assembly process of the product until the complete bike is assembled within 45 days.

  5. Take photos as required and send to Use the modified photo as the lead image for the onboarding post.

  6. Submit a personalized exclusive -10% discount code, along with @alaudark, to add to your Instagram profile.

  7. Within 30 days, initiate a giveaway post (not story) event with free product provided by Alaudark.

  8. Actively or upon invitation, participate in providing survey on the brand's products for experience and improvement suggestions.

What support will you receive?

The sponsorship program is divided into two stages, starting from the day the athlete officially appears on Alaudark's Instagram page. Each stage lasts a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months, with the email receipt date as the reference. The maximum duration for any sponsored athlete in the program is 24 months. The sponsorship will automatically terminate after 24 months, regardless of notification.


First Phase:

  1. Three sets of free products: 1 LARK DJ frame, 1 pair of BEAK DJ wheelsets, and 1 TALON single-speed sprocket.

  2. The athlete's personal account enjoys a lifetime exclusive -20% privilege.

  3. Permanent feature on the brand's official Instagram page, among the ranks of outstanding athletes from various countries.

Second Phase:

  1. Continued reasonable maintenance, replacement, and updates of the products sponsored in the first phase.

  2. Free trials of 6 new products: BEAK series hubs, TALON series cranksets, TALON series 12S cassettes, FLIGHT series saddles and seatposts, ALULA series MTB high-performance hydraulic disc brakes, etc.

  3. Personal competition achievements will be featured on the brand's official Instagram page.

Even after the official sponsorship period ends, athletes who remain featured on our Instagram page and maintain long-term interaction will be awarded LARK Team Lifetime Honorary Membership and receive medals and other memorabilia. They will also automatically qualify for priority invitations to brand-organized offline meet-ups, competitions, memorials, and celebration events.

Sponsorship Team Contact: 


Athletes FAQs

Upgrading the first phase of sponsorship from hubs to wheelsets, significantly reducing the cost for athletes to purchase additional components and shortening the onboarding time.

Introducing a flexible opportunity in the second phase, incorporating a range of products under development into the support scope, making the sponsorship process more diversified.

The original third phase, which provided a complete bike, was eliminated because it conflicted with the initial intent of the sponsorship program, which is to offer only products from Alaudark. The second reason is to reallocate the sponsorship budget more effectively to the earlier stages, with the aim of enabling a greater number of young athletes from around the world to join the program.

The evaluation team focuses on the richness of content on the athlete's Instagram page, relevance to DJ (Dirt Jump), interaction frequency with the brand via reels, posts, stories, personal riding style, and the athlete's reach and influence on Instagram.

We currently won't consider your influence on Tiktok or Youtube.

Those nearing the 12-month limit of phase one will be notified via email about the review outcome. Athletes already in phase two, or newly notified to enter phase two, will continue to enjoy the original contract benefits. There will be no third phase in the 2024 terms.

Products are generally not reclaimed, but the brand reserves the right to do so in cases where athletes fail to fulfill their commitments.

The first phase lasts up to 12 months, starting from the day the collaboration post appears on Alaudark's Instagram. Athletes not progressing to the second phase will be notified by email. The second phase extends another 12 months, making the total maximum duration 24 months under the 2024 plan.

All athletes who have collaborated with the brand become lifetime honorary members. Support after the contract depends on the frequency of interaction and sales contribution from the athlete's exclusive -10% discount code.

The current sponsorship does not cover cash or cash-equivalent support for competition-related expenses. Any changes will be added to the sponsorship terms in the future.

Athletes are expected to initiate a giveaway post on their personal page 30 days after appearing on the brand’s Instagram. The brand will provide a product for the giveaway, with the athlete deciding the rules and duration. The sponsored product can be sent directly to the winner or to the athlete for purpose to taking photos.