About Alaudark -

Inspiration & Spirit -

In the practice of riding bikes over jumps made of dirt or soil and becoming airborne, in that the rider jumps off of mounds of dirt, usually performing a midair trick in between. The goal is not to complete the course with the fastest time, but rather to perform the tricks with the style. Ride on a BMX, Dirt Jump or Suspension bike doesn’t limit the enjoy from the challenge.

Among the North America, we noticed a native songbird species “Horned Lark”, named for horn-like feather tufts. Its Latin name “Eremophila alpestris” translates to “desert lover of the high mountains”.

The horned lark loves to bank steeply and silently into the sky, ascending hundreds of feet above open fields. It fills the sky with a tinkling cascade of notes before plunging toward the ground. The horns are just like the handlebars you hold, with which you jump, turn, fly, flip, whip, clash, leap, rush and land~

We were inspired to our brand “ALAUDARK”[ə’laʊdɑ:k] after “Alauda + Lark” by saving one L and one A, carrying on the spirit of “desert lover of the high mountains”. Products and service build for illustrating much of what we love: beauty, sound, and feats of athleticism humans can dream of.

Who we are -

Owned by Just Great Bicycles (JGbike), we have been in bike industry since 2008, ALAUDARK prepared in late 2019, filing in our HC - Casper, WY, USA.

ALAUDARK is new as a brand we introduced to the world in May 2020.


Whom we serve -

Athlete”, this is the only, loud and clear scope in terms of users we’d like to serve, you may be from anywhere of the earth.

These are the characters we admire on athlete people:

  • Challengestrive to gain or win something by establishing superiority over others;
  • Motivation: motivating individuals to take action in order to achieve a higher goal;
  • Influence: the capability to have a positive effect on someone or something;


What we believe -

We believe bikes must be built in SIMPLICITY;

We believe people should get a desired bike in as much LOW COST as possible;

We believe people are EQUAL to have a bike as an improvement of life.


Everyone Matters

In the field of sports, big brands focus solely on the most excellent athletes, invest on them, support them, and even give them more than they demand, though they only represent a very small minority.

On the other hand, many other young and talented athletes, they share the same enthusiasm and dedication when chasing their riding dreams, while they are the neglected majority.

Perhaps you are one of them.

Here, ALAUDARK see you, and many athletes like you. Since the second half of 2021, there are almost 100 athletes who have received our support. They come from various countries in the G20 family.

To ALAUDARK, it is just a beginning, everyone matters.