BEAK Series: The Symphony of Motion

What is BEAK?

BEAK in the world of mountain biking stands for more than just a part of a bike. It represents a distinct auditory signature that lingers and resonates, much like the memorable song of a lark that's heard long after the bird is gone. The BEAK series is about creating an auditory identity that continues to echo in memory.


Inspired by the horned lark's most vocal feature, its beak, the BEAK series embodies the bird's clarity, range, and the distinctive nature of its call. The beak is more than just a sound; it's a symbol of communication and identity, attributes that are profoundly embodied in the BEAK series.

Product Line

This series includes high-performance hubs, wheelsets, and related accessories that 'sing' during the ride. These components are meticulously engineered to produce an auditory signature that is as unique and recognizable as the melodious voice of the lark.

Unique Auditory Experience

The BEAK series offers an auditory experience that sets riders apart. The distinct sound of the BEAK hubs and wheels is designed not just to be heard but to be recognized and remembered, merging technical excellence with the beauty of natural sound.

Lasting Acoustic Impression

"Lost, but not entirely gone" - this slogan captures the essence of the BEAK series. The sound it creates lingers, much like the memory of a lark's call. As a rider moves, the BEAK components leave behind an acoustic trail, echoing the ephemeral yet unforgettable sight of a lark in flight.

Slogan Integration

"BEAK - Lost, but not entirely gone" beautifully encapsulates the series’ essence. It's about creating a lasting impression, an auditory legacy that continues to resonate even after the rider has passed. It’s a celebration of the enduring impact and the unique identity that BEAK components bring to every ride.

The BEAK series thus represents more than just cycling components; it's an auditory emblem of the ride. It’s about making every cyclist not only seen but heard and remembered, combining the elegance of nature with state-of-the-art technology.