FLIGHT Series: The Balancing Essence of Freestyle MTB

What is FLIGHT?

FLIGHT in freestyle mountain biking represents more than just a physical action; it's about transcending traditional limits and exploring new realms of performance and experience. In this spirit, the FLIGHT series stands as a testament to innovation and adventurous spirit in biking.


Drawing inspiration from the flight feathers at the tail of the horned lark, the FLIGHT series is designed to parallel the functionality and positioning of these feathers. These tail feathers are vital for the bird's stability and maneuverability, much like how the seatposts and saddles of a mountain bike are crucial for the rider's balance, control, and comfort.

Product Line

The series focuses on pivotal components – the seatposts and saddles. These elements are essential for stability during acceleration, maintaining balance in mid-air, and ensuring smooth, safe landings. Their design, angle, and height are crucial in influencing the rider's overall control and comfort.

Functionality and Impact

The FLIGHT series acknowledges that while seatposts and saddles may not always be in constant use, especially as riders stand up during jumps, their role is crucial during key moments like take-off and landing. Their build and ergonomics profoundly affect the rider's comfort and performance.

Unique Characteristics

The series embodies an understated yet significant presence. It ensures that every second a rider spends on the saddle, especially during crucial phases, contributes positively to performance and safety.

Design Philosophy

With a focus on functionality and comfort, the FLIGHT series is engineered to strike the perfect balance between weight, strength, and ergonomic design, enhancing the freestyle biking experience and ensuring seamless integration of motion, control, and comfort.

Slogan Integration

"FLIGHT - Leaving the Familiars Behind" encapsulates the essence of this series. It's not just about pushing boundaries; it's about redefining them. The FLIGHT series invites riders to leave behind familiar paths and embrace the exhilaration of new challenges and experiences.

The FLIGHT series is thus more than a collection of bike parts; it is an emblem of the harmony between form and function. It symbolizes the delicate balance between performance and comfort in freestyle mountain biking, echoing the horned lark's mastery of flight with its tail feathers.