TALON Series: The Essence of Motion and Power in MTB Riding

What is TALON?

TALON in the realm of mountain biking represents the unyielding energy and unstoppable force of a rider. It's about embracing the raw power and agility that comes with the sport. This series stands as a testament to this relentless pursuit of motion and power, where the only pause is as dramatic as a crash.


Inspired by the powerful legs and claws of the horned lark, the TALON series embodies the same strength, agility, and dynamism necessary for take-off and landing. This parallels the foundational elements of power and precision in mountain biking, capturing the essence of the lark’s robust and agile movements.

Product Line

Encompassing the vital components of an MTB's drivetrain system, the TALON series includes the drive chainring, crankset, cassette, compatible derailleurs, and custom MTB pedals. These components are engineered to efficiently and reliably convert the rider's energy into forward motion.

Symbolism of Power and Agility

Mirroring the horned lark's use of its legs and claws for forceful take-offs and controlled landings, the TALON series is synonymous with the dynamic movement and power of freestyle biking. It's where the rider's force is transmuted into motion, reflecting the bird’s propulsion into the air.


The TALON series is designed to exude strength, solidity, stability, speed, and quiet efficiency. These traits are vital for powering through uphill climbs and mastering technical descents, ensuring the rider's motions are marked by nimbleness and grace.

Riding Experience

Athletes equipped with the TALON series can expect a riding experience that harmonizes power with grace. The series empowers cyclists to confidently navigate diverse terrains, akin to the horned lark's mastery over various landscapes. Every component is tuned for peak performance, translating each pedal stroke into a smooth, controlled, and powerful motion.

Slogan Integration

"TALON - The Only Way to Brake is to Crash" encapsulates the series' ethos. It's a bold statement about the sheer force and momentum that the TALON series brings to mountain biking. It signifies that in the world of freestyle biking, the TALON series is about moving forward with such unstoppable power that braking is synonymous with a deliberate and dramatic halt.

The TALON series thus represents more than a collection of MTB components; it's an embodiment of unbridled power and agility. It's about enabling riders to experience the true essence of mountain biking – a relentless pursuit of motion where every moment is about advancing forward with unstoppable force.