ALAUDARK BEAK e1.2 Dirt Jump Bike hub for Single Speed

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Europe: Silver hub will be back end of May;
USA: Silver hub will be back end of April;
UK: Silver hub will be back end of May;
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Product Versions

  • Enhance the hub driver body maching to reduce the chances of fall-off.
  • Adding anti-slip design onto the hub axle to aviod the possibility of fall-off.
  • A new measurement of POE sound is added to the Hub QC process to ensure the noise level meets the demand.

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SkyEcho Technologies

Eremophila Alpestris - specific innovation on POE to sounds' simulation


Clean design with a plump body but keeping lightweight

Dirt Jump Specific

lacing, angle, length have all been optimized for the intended use scenario.

Single Speed Only

Designed for single-speed HG spocket, with bolt-on for frame.