Latest update on 10/24/2023

We, Alaudark Inc., a subsidiary of JGbike, offer sponsorship to make riding more accessible to a broader audience and enable more athletes to experience the joy of riding.

  1. Who We Sponsor
  • We welcome athletes from around the world. Both professional and enthusiastic riders are eligible for sponsorship, as long as you perform certain skills
  • Basic English skills, sufficient for daily communication. 
    1. What We Offer
    • Enjoy a 20% discount on all products available on our website throughout the sponsorship period. 
    • Receive bike parts at different phases of the sponsorship. 
    • A unique code that offers a 10% discount to your followers. 
    1. What We Expect
      • A qualified collaboration post on Instagramprofile: once sponsorship is confirmed, the athlete should announce the collaboration through a “collaboration Instagram post”. The post should prominently feature the athlete with the bike, showcasing the entire bike and our logo. 
      • Collaboration posts should be discussed and finalized with our brand before publishing
      • Our brand must be tagged, and the 10% promo code must be included in the athlete's Instagram profile once the bike build is complete.
      • Once sponsorship is confirmed, the athlete is requested to initiative a product giveaway on Instagram within one month. We will supply products.
      • The athlete is required to create an unboxing video and a complete bike build video, capturing the process of bike building, showcasing our products and prominently featuring our logo. The video should be posted on the athlete’s social media platform and shared with us.
      • Active engagement on social media platforms and within the local community is expected.
    1. Phases of Sponsorship

    Athletes will have to submit the application form below and pass the interview to be approved. Then sign the electronic contract and assemble the bike with given parts. After the bike build, athletes have to share a qualified collaboration post on Instagram profile. Each phase will go underway upon completing the first collaboration post, and specific evaluation procedures will be outlined in the contract.

    Phase 1: 
      • Athletes who enter phase 1 will receive a DJ bike frame, DJ hubs, and SS sprocket.
      • This phase will last a minimum of 6 months, during which the athlete will be evaluated for progression to phase 2.
      • We expect our athletes to actively engage with our brand through posts, reels, and stories throughout the entire phase as we will closely monitor and evaluate.
      • We expect riders to update your photos and clips on our team notion page.
      Phase 2: 
        • Athletes who progress to phase 2 will receive a set of DJ wheelsets. 
        • The evaluation process is based on certain aspects: skills, engagement and influence, etc..
        • Awards in all competitions could be a bonus for evaluation.
        Phase 3: 
          • Athletes successfully advancing to phase 3 will receive a full DJ bike as a symbol of our mutual commitment. 
          • The evaluation is based on previous performance similar to phase 2.
          • The engagement intensity of athletes is essential for evaluation.
          1. Terms and Conditions
          • Athletes must sign an electronic contract before the sponsorship agreement becomes effective. The bike must be assembled within 3 months using the provided parts in combination with existing components or purchased parts. To maintain brand exposure, repainting of the products is not permitted. 
          • Lack of engagement or exposure during any phase may result in termination of the sponsorship and removal from the program. We reserve the right to reclaim sponsored items.
          • Every phase of the sponsorship program lasts for a maximum period of 12 months upon the onboard date of the athletes (since the date their pictures are displayed on Alaudark’s page on Instagram) or the starting date of last phase. The athletes entering next phase will be notified by email and messages on Instagram. If the athletes don’t receive a notification upon the end of their current phase, our sponsorship program for them will terminate automatically. To show gratitude to their companion, these athletes will reserve their rights on provided products and their athlete privilege of 20% discount and 10% public code remain valid permanently.

          If you have read through all this and believe you have what it takes to become our sponsored athlete, please fill out this application form. Results will usually be released within 48 hours.