Global Payment & Refund Policy

Payment Policy

Diverse Payment Needs: Recognizing the varied laws, policies, and needs of our customers, which include individuals and small businesses, is actively working to accommodate diverse payment requirements. This includes supporting large online transactions, accepting a wider range of bank cards issued by local banks, offering post-payment options, pre-payment for orders, and facilitating payments for customized product orders.

Localized Payment Methods: We support various payment methods tailored to different countries, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and country-specific payment solutions

Currency Adaptability: Payments in local currencies are accepted to facilitate ease of transaction. In regions where the local currency is not supported, transactions are processed in USD.

Secure Transactions: All payments are secured with SSL encryption to ensure the safety of personal and financial information.

Payment Authorization and Compliance: Customers are encouraged to use their own accounts and payment methods to ensure compliance with payment risk and security principles. This approach ensures that order fulfillment is not delayed and adheres to regulatory requirements

Confirmation of Order: An email confirmation is sent upon successful payment, detailing the purchase.

Refund Policy

Refund Eligibility: Refunds are issued in accordance with our Shipping and Returns Policy, particularly in cases of defective or incorrect products, or order cancellations prior to dispatch.

Initiating Refunds: Customers can initiate a refund or cancel their order by contacting our customer support. In cases where the brand is responsible for the refund, we will proactively contact the customer to process it.

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Processing Refunds: Refunds are processed using the original payment method. If this is not feasible, alternative arrangements will be communicated.

Refund Timeframe:

Credit Cards and Electronic Payments: After the refund has been processed by, your payment company or bank typically takes 1-2 business days to process the transaction and reflect it in your account.

Bank Transfers: Refunds resulting from conventional bank transfers may require a longer processing time, especially if there are issues with incomplete or missing remittance information. Customers are advised to ensure that all necessary details are provided accurately to avoid delays

Potential Costs: While does not charge a fee for processing refunds, customers should note that transaction fees or currency conversion fees may be applied by their bank or payment service provider.

Non-Refundable Items: Certain items like sale items, gift cards, and personalized products are generally non-refundable, unless otherwise stated.

Customer Support: For any queries related to payments and refunds, customers are encouraged to contact our customer support team for assistance.