Alaudark e1.1 Dirt Jump Bike Wheel D30 26" Double Wall Alloy 6-Bolts Disc Brake Mount with Alaudark Lark DJ Hubs

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  • The hub of the wheelset contains 2 sealed stainless steel bearings in front and 4 in rear, 6 bolts disc brake; 6 pawls, 57 teeth, 114p engagement driver body。32 holes rim, 100mm/110mm for front wheel and 135mm/142mm/148mm for rear are available. Rim size: 26", ERD: 533.3mm, inner rim width 30mm, outer rim width 35mm, profile depth 21mm, 6.5mm presta valve, classic J-bend spoke, weighting around 810~975g.

  • Sleeved 6061 T6 Aluminium rim with 32 holes, along with J-Bend sand blast ED black stainless steel spokes, and hub of which shell 6061 and axle 7075 T6 forged aluminum billet, make sure the wheelset is stiff and stable, won’t deform or rust, prompting better riding performance in all kinds of slopes.

  • Compatible with tube and tubeless tires. Fits short HG driver body by replacing the end caps. Stability and solidity are leveled up, enabling you to deal with various slopes fearlessly. Customized springs specially designed for young athletes enable the hub to make louder noise sounded like larks, attracting everyone’s attention to your amazing biking skills. The spencer is upgraded from plastic to metal for better stabilization with pawls. New seal ring levels up to solve the problem of falling off.

  • Manual laced completed wheelset, easy to install by unlocking the quick release(QR) or axle, removing your old wheelset, and put on the new one. Saving your time for better riding performance.

  • Please check the type of your cassette so that you choose the right driver body. All kinds of drivers are available in our store front page. When changing your end caps and driver body, a dust free environment would be preferred. We recommend to use 31mm taps , in case you go tubeless.

    Position Front Rear
    Material AL6061-T6, AL7075-T6 (Hub); Stainless Steel(Spoke); 6061 T6(Rim) AL6061-T6, AL7075-T6 (Hub); Stainless Steel(Spoke); 6061 T6(Rim)
    Color Black Black
    Bike Type Dirt Jump
    Dirt Jump
    Brake Style 6 Bolt Disc 6 Bolt Disc
    Size 26" 26"
    Weight 810g 945g
    Hub 100×15mm, 2 Bearings, (110*20mm end caps) Bolt On 135mm, 4 Bearings, 6 Pawls, 57T, 114p Engagement
    Spoke J-Bend, Sand Blast ED Black, Stainless Steel, Copper CP Nipple, 14G*2.0mm J-Bend, Sand Blast ED Black, Stainless Steel, Copper CP Nipple, 14G*2.0mm
    Spoke Length 256/258mm 256/258mm
    Rim Weight 530g 530g
    Inner Rim Width 30mm 30mm
    Outer Rim Width 35mm 35mm
    Profile Depth 21mm 21mm
    Etrto 559.9mm 559.9mm
    Erd 533.3mm 533.3mm
    Valve Hole Diameter Presta Valve 6.5mm Presta Valve 6.5mm
    Hole Count 32H 32H
    Tire Width 2.2~2.5mm 2.2~2.5mm
    Compatibility Tubeless or Tube Tubeless or Tube